Rishi Kapoor: Why Only Pakistani Artists Should Condemn The Terrorist Attack


Bollywood’s veteran actor Rishi Kapoor is never behind to give his perspective on the things and issues he wants to. Rishi Kapoor, who is quite active on social media, has finally entered the ongoing debate on banning Pakistani artistes from working in India. While each and everyone is expressing views on the controversy, Rishi Kapoor took to twitter to share his view on the same.

Rishi Kapoor took to twitter and said that not only Pakistani artistes but the whole Pakistan should condemn. He tweeted, “Think.Why only Pakistani artists should condemn the terrorist attack?Whole of Pakistan should.After all they deny any hand in the Uri attack.


“By not condemning and keeping quiet,you are confirming Pakistan as being the terrorists.Pakistan,If you are not guilty, condemn them!Simple.”


“Absolutely agree.Therefore we should all unitedly condemn terrorism.Some from Pakistan reacted wrongly as what I tried to say.I am for peace.”


Uri terror attack has created tension between the two countries, India and Pakistan. The film industry is divided now with the decision of banning Pakistani actors. Following the Uri and other terror attacks, political parties demanded a ban of Pakistani artists and were asked to leave the country in 48 hours. Following the protest, the Indian motion picture producers’ association (IMPPA) banned Pakistani actors and technicians from working in Bollywood.