Rossh Reveals How He Bagged The Opportunity Of Composing The Title Track Of Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Yoga!


Rossh, the young singer-composer has given the title track of Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Yoga!

Rossh is a young singer and music composer who launched his debut track Chillam back in the year 2015. It became a hit and has gained more than 10 million views on YouTube. He has also composed the title track of Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Yoga, starring Bollywood stars like Sonu Sood, Disha Patani and Amayra Dastur.
In an Exclusive interview with Business Of he shared how he got such an opportunity, his inspirations and much more.
Check out the excerpts from the interview here:
Firstly, how difficult was it to enter the music industry?
– Entering into the industry is very difficult for a newcomer or an underground artist. So the same story was with me. It was very difficult for me. I launched my first track two years ago and people loved it. It has received around ten million views on YouTube. After the track got viral, I started getting calls from Fazilpuria and Honey Singh for collaborations. So from there onwards I got into the industry. Now I have given around five to six tracks to Fazil. And more Bollywood tracks are coming. I have also recently launched my single track on 9XM. So, it was difficult in the beginning. But now that I have shown my potential to people, things are going great for me.
What was your inspiration? Was it someone from the family or somebody outside?
– There is no one in my family from the musical background. I used to write a lot during my school days and then started producing some beats when I entered college. I have been listening a lot to Drake. His music has inspired me a lot. So, I started creating my own style.
You have composed the title track of Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Yoga. So how did you get such a big opportunity?
– Fazilpuria was in contact with me after I released by debut track Chillam. He wanted to work with me. So, I sent him one scratch of a track. It reached Sonu Sood and he just loved it. He found it very peppy and he was the one who finalised it as the title track of the film.
Do you wish to work for the Bollywood industry as well?
– If I get a chance to enter the Bollywood industry with my vocals and music, then why not!
Who are your favourite Bollywood singers in the current time and why?
– It has always been A R Rahman sir for me. His singing, his music has always been an inspiration for people.
Besides singing, what else do you like doing? 
– Apart from singing, I like doing cycling, running, off-road driving, going to the mountains. I love adventures.
Lastly, what are the future projects that you are working on? 
– I have already prepared my next single which will be launched very soon. Apart from that, two of my compositions have been given for Bollywood films. So, hopefully if things go well, then we will get to listen to them in films.