Salman Khan And His Bigg Boss Fights


Salman-Khan-fight[tps_footer]Salman Khan and Bigg Boss controversies go hand in hand. With him getting finalized for the next season as well, we thought of rejogging your memory of some of the ugliest spats the actor had on the show.

In the last season, Salman’s war of words with Kushal Tandon was the biggest takeaway from the show. They were seen celebrating Salman’s birthday post the show but when on it, they were more interested to grab each other’s neck. Salman was accused of favouring Tanisha Mukherjee a little too much and when Kushal made a few unsolicited remarks against Tanisha, he felt heat of Salman’s ire. Twitter was abuzz with people slamming Salman Khan for siding with Tanisha alone and being unfair throughout.

Salman didn’t even spare Gauhar Khan in last season. When she tried to side with Kushal, Salman didn’t appreciate it at all. He never left any chance to remind her of the same at many occasions.

Salman Khan’s anger reached a crescendo, when Imam Siddiqui had a bitter war of words with him at one of the seasons of the show. Imam had gone to outrageous proportions to incense the star by first nominating a safe contestant, disregarding Salman’s constant reminders that the contestant cannot be named as he is in the finale already and later by saying he made Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta. Perhaps that was the highest TRP grossing episode of Bigg Boss because, Salman had rapped Imam saying that Shah Rukh is what he is today all because of his own work. Not because of any one else.

But it seems Sapna Bhavnani is the only one who disturbed Salman much more than anyone else. When Salman Khan told her Bigg Boss house is a place to win a game, she retorted that she is here to propogate women liberation laws. Many of her statements were below the belt and were edited out.

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