Salman Khan To Choose Between Bigg Boss 10 And Tubelight?


The audiences are going Gaga and will be seen glued to their Tv screens as the biggest reality show if the country Bigg Boss 10 is out and the audiences are looking forward to it. Amidst all the fun and gossips we got to know that the charming host of the show actor Salman Khan will be having a tough time as he will have to juggle between his schedules of Bigg Boss 10 and his upcoming movie Tubelight.

The reports say that the movie Tubelight is all set to release on the occasion of eid next year. The actor who was shooting in Manali for his film had to come back to Bombay in order to fulfill his hosting commitments since the new season of Bigg Boss is already out.

Reports also say that the actor will have to split his time so that he can manage and give his time to both the projects in Manali as well as in Bombay. A source said that since the movie is set to release next year the shoot of the movie has to be wrapped up early this year without any delay.

The schedule of the movie which is currently being shot in Manali needed a different kind of weather condition which was the demand of the script as a reason of which the actor is shooting in Manali during the weekdays and in Lonavala during the weekends so that he doesn’t compromise on any of his projects.

Oh oh it’s indeed going to be a tough time for the actor, isn’t it ?