Salman Khan Finally Speaks Up On Katrina Kaif, Marriage And Kids!


Salman-KhanPost Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s break up, Salman Khan’s recent bonding with former girlfriend Katrina Kaif has grabbed all the eyeballs. The chemistry of the former couple even made fans praying that Salman and Katrina should reunite once again. Well, meanwhile, Salman Khan is all in praise for Katrina Kaif. The actor who recently interacted with students at Manoharbhai Patel Institute Of Engineering College, Gondia, spoke up about Katrina, marriage and kids like never before.

When media asked Salman on Katrina stating that whatever she is today, is because of Salman Khan, to which Salman at first blushed, smiled and then responded saying,“Did Katrina say that? This is her ‘badapan’, but she is telling a lie. Whatever she is, she is because of Katrina Kaif itself. Katrina is very hard working …in my whole life I have not seen such a hard working girl ever… she is India’s big star for you all, but according to me she is ‘hamaal’ (coolie), ek majdoor hai …that many efforts she actually  takes…you people should learn from her.”  

Going ahead, the reporter asked, but she thanks you? Giving a smart reply, the Being Human star replied, “Because how to do hard efforts is what she learnt from me (laughs)”

Well, not leaving the opportunity, hinting on Ranbir and Katrina Kaif’s break up and their past holiday pictures, the reporter asked, “Photos with other on the beach and thank you to you?”

Well, it seems Salman accidently revealed that Ranbir and Katrina Kaif have broken up. The actor replied saying, “I think that is very old talk …I think the sides have changed as that’s what I think …this is what I have heard from outside.”  

When asked, Katrina Kaif is seen with you more nowadays? Here’s what he replied, “Fitoor…Fitoor…she is promoting her film Fitoor, and I did a show Bigg Boss which you all know …she came for the promotions there…I was very happy ..Later on Krushna’s show she was promoting…i was shooting there only for Sultan and I thought that I should go and meet .”

“When I saw her…she was in shot…I went looking at her and reached on the stage to say Hi hello, I thought they will cut the scene…but channel won’t cut as they got footage of Salman khan with Katrina Kaif… poor Aditya was standing there only, he added (laughs).

Well, when it’s Salman Khan and not a marriage question, then it’s a bad idea. Yes, making a loud shout, the students at the college in Gondia asked Salman on his marriage. Without dodging the question, this time once again Salman Khan replied and yes, this time he was more frank about it.

The Bajrangi Bhaijaan star replied saying, “Marriage is doubtful but I want two three kids..Having kids without marriage is difficult, but I hope will be able to manage that.”  

When asked on the reason why he is not ready to marry, the actor who couldn’t stop laughing on the same responded in a jesting manner. “At first I thought my age is not of marriage, but now I think that age has past…but I am happy. It will happen …first I was like if Arpita will marry I will … but now I don’t have any option.”