Salman Khan’s Strong Reaction On Nepotism, Thanks Kangana Ranaut!


Salman Khan’s comment on one of the controversial topics .ie. ‘Nepotism’.

Undoubtedly, nepotism became one of the hottest and controversial topics of the year in Bollywood, courtesy Kangana Ranaut. It became a hot topic of debate after Kangana labelled Karan Johar as “flag bearer of nepotism” on his chat show, “Koffee With Karan”. Since then, each and every actor of B-town was asked about the same. The recent to speak after the longest time is none other than Salman Khan.

At the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2017 on Thursday, Salman Khan started the conversation on an interesting note. In a hoarse voice, Salman said, “I don’t know why I am here.”

The superstar took a dig at his voice by blaming the weather and his craft for the voice. During the long conversation where Salman Khan answered a lot of questions, he also spoke about nepotism.

The actor was asked about the debate over industry being unfair to the outsiders. To which Salman replied saying, “I got to know the meaning of it only after Kangana talked about nepotism. (“Ab jaake nepotism ka matlab pata chala jab Kangana ne nepotism ke baare mein baat ki hai.”)

Talking about him giving support to the actors not belonging from a film background, the ‘Sultan’ actor said, “I believe that joh successful hota hai who talent management company ko kaam deta hai. A manager cannot get a successful person or work but a management can get those people, persistent hoke, who are not doing well for themselves. They can get work for those people. But it only depends on how hardworking, how focused that management company is. So most of the time they want to sign big stars, which is a good thing but then with that, they need to concentrate on the people who have potential, who are really good but are seeing a bad run for whatever reason.” 

He further said, “They judge on two flop films and think how can we invest so much many of them. They forget their talent. So this is what I want to do…If the person is talented, they should be given films. I have worked with so many talented actresses, actors, newcomers who have done well at one point but after that their career diminished. Still lot of people in the industry do that. But the cost of production has become so high, that nobody wants to risk it. So, this is what we are trying to do.” 

The actor gave an example of his film ‘Jai Ho’. He said there were a huge amount of characters, who were very popular and talented. However, media and people on social media commented that from where Salman Khan got such actors, which hurt me. He further stated that people don’t understand that their time is wrong.

Watch the video below: