Salman Khan Reveals A Funny Incident When His Father And Uncle Visited Him In Jail!


Finally, the much-awaited Kabir Khan directorial and Salman Khan starrer Tubelight trailer is out.

The trailer will make you fall in love with the childlike purity and sincerity of Laxman, played by Salman Khan. The other thing that will leave you happy and equally emotional is Salman and Sohail Khan’s brotherly chemistry that we were longing for. And yes, do not forget to catch a glimpse of that much-talked-about the cameo of superstar Shah Rukh Khan in the trailer.

Well, Salman Khan surely knows how to entertain media as well as the audience. The actor was quite in a good mood yesterday while interacting with the media. Of course, you can’t miss his humour in every statement that he gives while talking to media. During the media interaction session at Tubelight trailer launch, Salman shared a jail incident.

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Salman Khan shared a funny story about the most depressing phase of his life when he was in the jail. Recalling one particular day when his parents and uncle came to meet him in jail, Salman Khan said, “There was a time when my dad, mom and my chacha came to see me in jail. My uncle was seeing me after a very long time. So, he asked me, ‘How is it going?’ I said, ‘It’s good, it’s a one bedroom suite. It’s cool.’ My uncle started crying. So, my dad said, ‘Yar tum kaise pathan ho. Tum bahar jao yar! (What kind of pathan are you? Please go outside).”

Salman Khan was surely going through difficult phase of his life then, but its great to see how the actor is brining smiles on his face while talking about those worst days. Moreover, his father Salim Khan has always been a right mentor and solid support for him.

Watch Video Salman Khan OPENS UP On An Incident When He Was In Jail