Salman Khan To Re-unite With Kabir Khan For His Next Playing A 75-Year Old?

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Salman Khan might be teaming up again with Tubelight director Kabir Khan for another film!

The Bollywood actor Salman Khan has failed to impress the audience with his this year’s Eid release ‘Tubelight’. The film sees him in a very ‘un-Salman’ character and it was being hoped that people will like this change. Unfortunately, this was not welcomed so well by the audience as the film has not performed as well as the superstar’s other films.

But it seems that the critics’ reviews and the average box-office collections have not discouraged Salman in experimenting with his roles. If the reports are to be believed, then Salman Khan might be teaming up again with ‘Tubelight’ director Kabir Khan for yet another project.

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A source has been quoted by Deccan Chronicle saying, “See, bhai is not really bothered with what the critics say. He wants to play characters now, and not just be Salman Khan, the superstar. The same critics slammed him for just going in front of the camera and not doing anything to change into characters. Now when he’s keen to play characters he will do what he wants without fear of criticism. Kabir and bhai had already discussed another project during the making of ‘Tubelight,’ and that commitment remains unchanged.”

It was recently at Salman’s Eid party where the director had asked him if he still wants to go ahead with the project. To this Salman had reacted by grinning and mock-punching Kabir.

The role requires Salman to age from 40-75 years which is going to be a tough job.

Elaborating on the same, the source adds on saying, “Bhai got scared of that film because he would have to use a lot of prosthetics to show age. Bhai is not comfortable with prosthetics. He always says no to roles that require him to put on disguises, fake beards, etc. because of his neuro-condition. However, now when he is in the mood to stretch himself as an actor and the old man’s role with Kabir, this will happen.”

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