Salman Khan: Whatever I Speak Gets Twisted But When Other Actors Speak It Is Not


Salman Khan speaks up on how his opinions are always twisted and become controversies for all the wrong reasons.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has often found himself in the centre of many a controversy. The actor has a huge fan following for his popular cinema and do-gooder image, but every time when he speaks, he falls into controversy for some or other reason.

Unfortunately, sometimes even for something that the actor might not have intended to say. Well, being a superstar and Salman Khan, the actor will always be in the constant media and public glare.

However, Salman Khan thinks that the good option to stay away from controversies is to stop talking. In a recent interview with HT, Salman opened his heart out saying that how whatever he speaks gets twisted but when other actors speak it is not.

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“Everyone shares their opinion but when somebody like me says something, it’s twisted around. Then, a [TV] show runs [the comment], and it gets good TRPs. But if it’s their business, let them do it. The other option for me is to just stop talking. I hate doing interviews, and I get bored of them but I do them because if a fan of mine picks up a newspaper or a magazine; or watches a TV channel, he should know that a certain film of mine is up for release. That’s all,” says Salman Khan.

On whether the media glare has become a part of being an actor, Salman said, “Till, before Jaan-E-Mann (2006), I never stepped out of my house for interviews. When did I do any publicity for any film? The films would still run and became big hits. But now that a precedent [of doing interviews] has set in, so it’s going on. Now, if I go on a TV show (for promotions), it feels good if their TRPs get boosted. Also, through that show, my fans will get to see me at home for free. That’s the only intent of doing all of that. But then, a lot of times, journalists want a reaction about something because either their bosses have asked them for that or they want to make a name for themselves. But that’s wrong journalism, which I don’t appreciate at all.”

Meanwhile, Salman Khan is in New York for IIFA 2017 awards. The 18th IIFA awards will be held in New York on 14-15 July (15, 16th July, for the Indian audience).

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