Salman Khan’s Hero Is As Dabbang As You’d Imagine!

salman-khan-1[tps_footer]It goes without saying that in Bollywood, nobody has a fan following that is as obsessed, loyal and diverse as that of the ‘maine Pyar Kiya’ actor. His movies are always watched by fans in large numbers and the successes of his endeavors are almost always hits thanks to this fan base. He is a hero to many millions in India as well as in different countries abroad.


While he is such a big personality and has so many people who look up to him, do you know who he looks up to? If you have been following Bhai on Twitter, yesterday you would have noticed that he tweeted something that gives us a glimpse about his personal hero’s identity.

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Turns out that our Dabbang Pandey is a fan of Sylvester Stallone and spent yesterday watching his ‘Rambo’ series. While they are from different parts of the world, Bhai and Rambo both have a few similarities. They both are loved by the masses and their movies are almost always superhits. And probably the most striking similarity is that both possess such well-built physiques. No wonder the ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ star advices us to learn from his own hero!


In other news related to the darling Khan of Bollywood, he is all set to travel to Surat on 19th February for a live performance. He is said to be very excited about this trip since Surat is a city where he has a large fan base. When Salman Khan turned 50 on December 27 last year, his fans in Surat baked a 400ft-long cake to celebrate the actor’s birthday.[/tps_footer]

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