Salman Khan’s Hit And Run Case Verdict Is Now Challenged By Apex Court

Salman-Hit-&-Run-Case[tps_footer]Salman Khan’s hit and run case is still going on and this time it has reached the apex court for challenging Bombay High Courts verdict to grant Salman Khan a clean chit that he had received on December 10, 2015. He has been accused of driving a car under the influence of alcohol and killing one and injuring four others in Bandra, Mumbai, in 2002. But, the nothing was proved against Salman and just on the basis of allegations, court never takes a decision until it’s proven. Salman added in his affidavit that he was not driving the car when the horrible accident took place and he was not drunk at the time of the accident. He also said that his driver Ashok Singh was driving and his driver called the police control room after the accident and he also went to the police station to record his statement. But, the police officials refused to record his statement and were getting a constant pressure to arrest Salman Khan.


Salman, if proven guilty, would have received a five years jail sentence but the Bombay High Court cancelled the order and Salman’s five-year jail sentence too, because the prosecution had failed to bring proves and unreliable sources couldn’t be trusted. And, now the Maharashtra Government on January 22, had filed a petition in the apex court against the Bombay High Court’s judgement and giving a clean chit to Salman Khan against all the charges. Once again the legal troubles will start for Salman.


It was said that Salman’s brother, Kamaal Khan never recorded his statement and never appeared for any trial even after being summoned from the Court. Salman Khan denied this allegation and he said Kamaal Khan was never asked to record his statement, just the way his driver’s statement was not recorded. He also said the notices of trials in court were sent on a wrong address and Kamaal never received them. Now, let’s see if Salman gets some relief out of this case or not.

Other than this, he has more legal troubles coming his way. Salman was summoned by Jodhpur Court on March 10, to record his statement for alleged illegal possession of arms in relation to his case of black buck poaching and Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Neelam and Sonali Bendre are alleged to abet him in hunting. Salman has denied all the charges in this case as well. We will have to wait and watch for the further updates about both the cases instead of being judgemental. If Salman is proven guilty in this case, he will have to face a jail sentence for another five, six years. Wonder !! What kind of an “end” these two big cases will bring to Salman Khan and his family.[/tps_footer]