Satyajit Majumder | The Inspirational Journey Of An Actor & Social Influencer And His Fight Against Bodyshaming


From being bodyshamed to running one of India’s leading blog! HE has built an empire with the same bricks that were thrown at him …

Satyajit, a 23 year old Digital Marketing Specialist on record,from Kolkata,is not only a Social INFLUENCER but also one of the youngest leading Fashion_Lifestyle_Photography_Food Bloggers in the social media platforms like PLIXXO and POPXO.He recently got featured by the ‘BEING HUMAN’ Campaign run by Salman Khan, and will be soon seen starred in Bollywood.
got the opportunity to collaborate with major brands in India. He is the only Male influencer from INDIA who’s invited to MEXICO as an ambassador for the ‘Fashion Hero Tv, Season 2’ .The Fashion Hero is a groundbreaking TV series and a worldwide movement that empowers real people to achieve their dreams by disrupting the status quo of narrow, unattainable fashion and beauty ideals.

As a kid he was overweight and bulky, or “fat” as they would address him, which disturbed his mental state every now and then… He kept brewing up grave insecurities unconsciously out of this constant humiliation! And gradually turned shy and shabby and awkward and reserved to an extent where he wore vests to cover his moobs and t-shirts to swimming ! All the mockery, noise and abhorrence around him,drained his confidence into a dark abyss…
He realised that he was looked down upon differently, and that was not long before he started hitting the gym. Gave up on the sweets and other delicacies, and tightened his shoe laces to bring about a transformation.
From 105 kgs he reduced it to 75kgs in just 7 months. He says, “It was easier dreamt than done! Fashion was not a cup of tea for me, and neither was blogging! But something that kept me going was my unflinching spirit…”
And Today , Satyajit is one of the leading influencers who has inspired millions of people by his impeccable determination.

He got recognition from the feature in ‘Calcutta Times’ newspaper for the #FlirtWithYourCity campaign… The Calcutta Medical College Invited him as their Chief Guest and He was given the privilege to Judge the massive fashion event- Mister Kolkata Rhapsody, which was his dream come true.
He believes that-“Everyone is beautiful in their own way, obese isn’t ugly but unhealthy, but not as unhealthy as insecurities…Learn to be comfortable in your skin and don’t get carried away with what people say.”
Besides being a social media #Influencer,He will be completing his MBA in a year, and is focussing on collaborations with renowned Tollywood and Bollywood Artists and Influencers across the Social Media Platform. He shaped his destiny the way he dreamt with every step towards success…

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