Shah Rukh Khan Is Back On Television!

Here’s how Shah Rukh Khan is back on Television.

Shah Rukh Khan has won ample awards for his performances and is known worldwide for his acting. He is also the richest Indian actor and what not! We all know him. But what about the time when he was a beginner? When he started off as a television actor! Yes! Shah Rukh Khan was earlier a theater artist and then came on TV shows.

There was a time in the 1980s when Shah Rukh acted for Circus show on Doordarshan and hadn’t made his Bollywood debut.

Doordarshan recently took a decision to boost up their viewership by airing Shah Rukh Khan’s Circus starting 19th Feb. from 8 pm onwards.

Shah Rukh Khan has always had the love for doing work with television. He was heard saying and telling the sources, “I’d love to act on television again because some stories can’t be told in two hours. You need 10 hours for them.”

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Circus got directed by Aziz Mirza and Kundan Shah and revolved around a circus troupe.

Shah Rukh also told the sources that, “I have worked on all the different platforms, be it theater, films, TV — but genuinely, TV is my favorite.”

Shah Rukh Khan also starred in Fauji which was another popular TV show on Doordarshan. After that, he started getting offers from the film industry and since then he emerged as a film actor having made himself what you today see as the King of Bollywood.

Well! Now that’s a great deal of news for all SRK fans out there who have the memories of seeing him again that way.

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