Shah Rukh Khan On Comparing Raees With Aamir Khan’s Dangal and Salman Khan’s Sultan!


After the great success that Raees got, seems the Raees actor Shah Rukh Khan and team are in party mode. Although the openings have been massive, the star has commented about it in comparison to other mega hits like Dangal and Sultan. See what Shah Rukh has to say.

The star said that Raees shouldn’t be compared to blockbusters like Dangal and Sultan. He said that the films should be compared by the standards it sets for itself and not other films. See what Shah Rukh Khan said, “Why should we compare with only the last big hit, like Dangal and Sultan which are much bigger hits than perhaps this film can ever be. We know that. That comparison from outside, very good. From inside, we know the truth that there is a limit it will go to and if it reaches we will be happy“.

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Dangal and Sultan have fetched more than 300 crores and had released last year. Shah Rukh Khan also added to the comment saying, “Every film has its own business, has its place. We have had films which are different and niche. To measure every film with the same barometer is weird. Having said that, it will have its own limited business. At this point in time we are a little beyond that also. Business wise, it is better than what we expected, collection figures notwithstanding. It’s nice to know everything is going well. If I start comparing, then sky is the limit.

When asked about the positive response given to the film and the much waiting fans ad to do, Shah Rukh Khan said, “We really thought that the film will be liked by people and that’s the biggest thing. This is kind of a good mix so it feels very nice. Our film was delayed, there were some issues too but I am very happy everything has turned out good“.

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