Shah Rukh Khan Confesses That He Hesitates To Bring This Up With Aryan And Suhana!


It is no more a complete taboo topic reserved for nosy aunts to speak about to the girls a day before their wedding. As soon as the child reaches a certain level of maturity and independence, parents decide to sit with them and talk about sex, the most difficult yet an important conversation. Despite knowing the importance of that, the king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan confessed how he hesitates to bring this up with his children, Aryan and Suhana.

Even though he agrees that this conversation should happen, he thinks his kids know more than him! In a recent interview, he said, “My mother gave me sex education classes (laughs). For me it’s the other way, do I sit with my kids down and talk to them? No, I am extremely friendly with my children and if I am not being too presumptuous I think it’s because of the relationship that I share with my father. Also, I am personally very shy so I may not be able to educate my children about sex, so I don’t bring that up. Sometimes while watching a film together, I feel that they are perhaps a little more educated about it than I am. Maybe, I should take a little class from them.”

Interesting candid confession, isn’t it?

He further throws light in on his parenting policy, “I have a simple philosophy towards my children or the people who I love. Two aspects I never question. First is their action which I believe is all good. Second is their ability to say, “I don’t know”, it’s good enough answer. In schools when you are asked a question and you say you don’t know, it’s often humiliating. It’s a child’s right to not know. And even an adult’s right. At 51, it’s my right to not know and my self-confidence is really high even though you ask me something and I don’t know it.”