Shah Rukh Khan Is Furious With Idol Worshipping


Shah-Rukh-Khan-SSK-620x400[tps_footer]Shah Rukh Khan, a superstar who enjoys the love and attention from his millions of die hard, real life fans in India and in other countries has expressed his feelings towards idolizing someone and trying to be that ‘someone’ at the cost of losing your own identity in order to become like your idol. His point is very valid and relevant to his upcoming movie Fan, where Shah Rukh Khan is playing dual roles, one is of a fan and the other is of a superstar.


Shah Rukh has pointed out on the fact that we look and keep searching for heroes everywhere, but they are there around us, with us and we fail to recognize them. He said for him, his driver is his hero because he works 24×7 for him and it’s an ordinary job that he is doing but Shah Rukh has appreciation and respect for his driver’s dedication for his duty and for always being there for him wherever he wants to travel. Shah Rukh also said that in his childhood, he was a fan of boxer Muhammad Ali but he never idolized anybody. Basically, SRK believes in appreciating the goodness of everybody that he has been around and witnessed. We are also aware of Shah Rukh’s witty sense of humor and he boldly took a dig at the electronic media for creating new heroes and villains everyday and that he has stopped watching ‘fiction shows.’


We respect this frankness and his opinions too. Shah Rukh Khan has maintained to be ‘himself’ and has given his best to be creative and live up to all the expectations of his fans, who have loved him unconditionally for the past two decades of his successful acting career.

We wish him more success with his upcoming movies Fan and Raees. For now, he is busy promoting Fan which will release on April 15 and his next movie Raees starring Mahira Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui is scheduled to release on July 3 and it’s expected to clash with Sultan, starring Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma.[/tps_footer]