Shah Rukh Khan Finally Received His Graduation Degree After 28 Years














srk-college-delhi-6[tps_footer]It was a double joy for SRK, firstly he made it to his college after so many years, plus, he went there to launch the anthem song “Jabra Fan” from his movie “Fan” and he also received his graduation degree in Economics from his college’s principal, Rama Sharma.

Hmmm.. Too much to know.. right ?? Let’s get started.

Shah Rukh Khan, after arriving in his own Hansraj College, relived all the memories as a student, as a “delli boy” and he has managed to take out a lot of time to reach out to Delhi to launch his first song from his YRF movie “Fan” and it’s the title track “Jabra Fan” that’s going to make all of King Khan’s real life fans dance to his tunes.


He got emotional at this event and recollected a lot of his memories about Delhi, his college life, his friends. And guys, you should have seen that crowd of people waiting for SRK to just wave at them once. That was superrr carzyyy reaction from his real, so real fans.

Shah Rukh tweeted, What a beautiful day thank you university mates & faculty. Love to allfor such a memorable—
Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk)February 16, 2016

He shared his feeling with media after coming back to his college and relived his days as a student. “This is a very special moment for me. I am back in my college, which I left in 1988. I am missing only one thing –my children are not with me today, as I wanted to show them every corner of my college,”

Awwww !! That’s so sweet SRK. I wish your this wish of having all your kids with you in this college comes true soon and may you get more fans and their true love after the release of “Fan“.

Check out the way Shah Rukh showed his happiness after coming across his fans in Delhi. He was full of thanks to YRF and director Maneesh Sharma.

SRK tweeted,

Fan took me to Delhi my younger daysand today to my college. Thank you yrf and Maneesh. JABRA mazaa—
Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk)February 16, 2016

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This was the happiness of his fans reactions and their love for him that couldn’t stop SRK him from giving back to back tweets. But this was not the only thing that made him happy. SRK finally received his graduation degree in Economics after 28 years. That’s a very long time to wait and get something that you earned long back. But even the principal of Hansraj College was proud to have SRK as a Hansraj College student. Here is what principal Rama Sharma has to say about King Khan while presenting him with the degree, He said that, the institution is proud of its superstar student.

We are very happy to present him thedegree after so many years. We had kepthis degree safely in our college. We are proud to bestow him with it today,” Rama Sharma said. Look’s like SRK got a fan in his principal too.

Shah Rukh Khan is made for praises, success and cinema. Undoubtedly, one of the most hardworking Actors of Indian cinema and a very well educated performer.

Tons of Congratulations, King Khan !![/tps_footer]