Shah Rukh Khan Reveals His Favourite Memory, And It’s Emotional!


Shah-rukh-Khan[tps_footer]Shah Rukh Khan surely deserves the tag of being called the King Khan of Bollywood. The actor who is applauded for being a self-made star has nonetheless also seen the worst days in his life. Shah Rukh’s story from a no one to a superstar is not new to anyone. The mind blowing actor has millions of fans who idolize him. King Khan who belonged from a non-filmy background made it to one of the most followed superstars in the country.


Well, SRK’S rags to riches story is magical by all means. Recently, during an online live chat with fans the Dilwale actor confessed on his favorite memory. The highly talented superstar replied that he and his father would go to the stadium to watch the play, but because they did not have enough money, they would sit on the roundabout and count the cars with even number plates.

The amazing star added that both of them then would lie to his mother that they did watch the play, so that she would not feel disheartened. Well, SRK’s memory surely highlights his struggle and hard work.


One of the busiest stars of the industry, Shah Rukh Khan, is now tied up with back to back projects. The actor will soon be seen in the films ‘Fan’ and ‘Raees’. Nailing his versatility to the core, King Khan will be seen playing the character of a bootlegger in the film ‘Raees’. On the other hand, Shah Rukh Khan will be seen portraying the character of a superstar i.e. himself in the film ‘Fan’ and will also portray the role of Gaurav who is his biggest fan.

Well, must say, the Badshah of Bollywood is unbeatable when it comes to stardom and hard work. Apart from the stated films, SRK will also be seen with Alia Bhatt in an upcoming movie.[/tps_footer]