Shah Rukh Khan Shares About The Struggles He Faced Initially In Mumbai Along With Wife Gauri Khan!


Shah Rukh Khan speaks up about his struggles during the initial stage of his career and how wife Gauri Khan always supported him.

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has had a glorious journey of 25 years in Bollywood. His fandom has only increased with each passing day. SRK, who made his Bollywood debut with Deewana, has ups and downs in his journey but nothing stopped him from being the successful actor he is today. He always took his struggles in a positive way.

Talking about his struggles, in an interview with Rajeev Masand, SRK confessed, “The struggle was just in the first few years of marriage. Gauri Khan was new to the film industry, so was I. It’s not that I married an outside girl into the film industry. Two years for us in Mumbai was like honeymoon full of bumps. There was an issue like, “You will shoot 6 in the morning?”

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He further adds, “I remember the first night when we actually came to Mumbai after about five-seven days. She spent that evening fully dressed; she wore chuda and Indian dress, and came to Film City and was there till 6 where Hema Ji was directing my film.”

Talking about how wife Gauri Khan waited for him until the end of the shoot, King Khan shared, “She sat on her second night in Mumbai in Film City’s makeup room. They were damp and dingy then, still, she sat there till in the morning and came back. I guess that kind of made her realize as angry as it may have got her, ‘This is the life. We both were very new yaar, I was 25-26, she was 21. It was extremely new for her. So, those 2 years cooking omelets for each other. It just passed off.”

Watch the full interview below: