Sunny Leone To Sizzle With Shah Rukh Khan In Raees?

Srk-&-Sunny-leone-1[tps_footer]Shah Rukh Khan is rigorously working on three projects simultaneously, it’s tough to manage time and good energy for three movies : Fan, Raees and Gauri Shinde‘s directorial untitled movie and still give your best in every character you play. But this is King Khan we are talking about “on screen Don ke liye kuch namumkin nahi hain..,” but still it’s so inspiring to see Shah Rukh Khan being so passionate about movies even after successfully completing more than two decades in the entertainment industry and we still want more of him.


And right here, we have a big dhamakedar news for all our readers. Remember the time when Aamir Khan openly responded to Sunny Leone that he would love to work with her. Well, as usual, there were many who took out wrong meanings out of Aamir Khan‘s statement and had issues with his answer and he was questioned for his statement on various news channels and social media to work with an adult star but he had nothing to run away from because Aamir exactly knew what he was talking about.

Isn’t Sunny Leone already part of our entertainment industry and isn’t she ruling hearts by her flawless beauty ?? Why to hate someone for their past. You never know what their life and journey must have been like, but anyways it’s good to see at least our stars being frank and real. Other than Aamir Khan there is one more actor who is more than happy to share the screen space with this very pretty lady. Oh yes, it’s Shah Rukh Khan who is all set to sizzle on screen with Sunny Leone.


During an interview when Shah Rukh Khan was constantly asked if he would like to work with Sunny Leone, here is what he said, “I never cast for my films. It is the director who does it. But if there is an opportunity for me to work with Sunny, I’d be happy to do it. Every artist and actor has his or her own calibre and Sunny is a wonderful actor.

And now recently it’s reported that, “Sunny has apparently been approached to perform an item number in SRK’s next venture, Raaes, according to a daily. The report also suggested that the superstar will be shaking a leg with her in the song.” Woww !! Recently, we got to see Shah Rukh‘s latest look in Raees and his hot bod in video too. And we all know how beautiful Sunny Leone is, so won’t this pairing be tooooo hottt to handle ??

Are you ready for another hit song like Chaiyya Chaiyya or Chamak Challo but this time starring Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Leone together ??[/tps_footer]