Shah Rukh Khan’s Beautiful Message For All The Ladies This Women’s Day


Srk[tps_footer]It’s surely a Happy Women’s Day !! It’s so good to wake up to such sweet words coming out of Shah Rukh Khan who is the ultimate romantic hero for all the ladies worldwide and most of the the ladies try finding their own “Raj” and “Rahul” in their own partners, but there can only be one “Shah Rukh Khan” and he is happily married to the love of his life Gauri Khan and extremely happy and contended with three loving kids, Aaryan, Suhana and Abram. His charm and his love towards females is unbeatable and people never get enough of him. We agree !!


Currently, he is busy with the promotions of his movie Fan and he is working really hard to reach out to his fans everywhere and dedicate this movie to the ones who made him a superstar that he is today. And on Women’s day, he couldn’t stop himself from admiring and accepting the important part that every woman plays in life, work and in every walks of life.

He fiercely accepted and announced on the occasion of Happy Women’s Day, that he is die hard fan of every woman on this planet and he will never be able to thank them. Here is what he said, “I am a fan of all the women in the world. I love all of you and I hope that you get more strength and freedom to do whatever you feel like. There is nothing better than being a Woman. I want to thank every women. Be happy, god bless and I hope you all rule the world as without you, it is incomplete.”


Shah Rukh Khan so far is the only actor in the industry who has made it a fact that in all his movies, his actress’s names will be shown first and will be given their due credits. We have heard about his rivalry with other actors and people but never heard about him misbehaving with any women although he is excessively loved and adored by them. Don’t know how he handles so much of love and attention and he still never gets carried away.

We wish a very Happy Women’s Day to all the beautiful ladies and we are waiting for some terrific responses for Shah Rukh‘s sweet words for all the females. Power to you !![/tps_footer]