Shah Rukh Khan’s Car Attacked With Stones In Ahmedabad!


[tps_footer]Shah Rukh Khan, currently, shooting for “Raees” in Kutch and many more places in Gujarat has been going through a lot of troubles one after the other.

He faced negativity for his growing intolerance comments on India and then political parties, who are against giving work to Pakistani artists, got miffed with SRK for selecting Pakistani actress Mahira Khan opposite him for his movie “Raees“. Since then, his protestors are leaving no opportunity to hurt him by their words and now some of them have vandalized his car that was parked outside a hotel he was staying in.


It’s really shameful to even say that we live in a democratic country. Is this called democracy ? Or is it just the same situation like those hypocrites, who do all wrong things in the name of religion and defame a particular religion by their actions and then put the blame on religion. Just like this, speaking against India, is it really fair enough to become this violent and tear down somebody’s car for having their own opinions. And this is not just somebody, it’s Shah Rukh Khan. I wonder, what common people will be facing if they raise their voice for or against what they feel. If this can happen to a “SuperStar” then what about a comman man.

Fortunately, Shah Rukh Khan was not in his car at that point when some people saying “Sri Ram” ended up pelting stones at SRK‘s car and damaged it. Taking God’s name and breaking down somebody’s car will not give you heaven. In fact, it shows a wrong thinking and a weird notion about religion. No religion says harm or hurt anyone. How difficult is this to understand and follow ?? But I am sure people will find enough of reasons to justify even after harming/killing somebody.


So far, no police case is filed neither any arrest warrant is issued against anyone. Investigations will go on and it will take time to know who are those culprits to cause this damage. It’s so annoying to see so much of “intolerance “. Wish, things get better, for both SRK and India.[/tps_footer]