Shah Rukh Khan’s Wittiest Answers Ever


Salman-Shahrukh-Cover-Pic [tps_footer]Shah Rukh Khan is not only a superstar, but a very well-learned and read man. He is a voracious reader and thus has knowledge about a lot of things. But nothing beats his immaculate way of speaking. With a dash of sarcasm, a bit of humour and loads of wit, Shah Rukh knows to give just the right answer to every question. Here are some of the best answers he gave to a few questions…

Shah Rukh Khan was once asked how his relationship with Salman Khan coming along after he moved the latter to tears by saying kind words about him at an event. Khan was quick to answer that it was going great and they would soon plan a baby together.

A reporter had asked Shah Rukh Khan if he is a bisexual, as that was rumour doing the rounds at that time. The Khan’s witty self got the better of him and he called himself trisexual who likes to try everything.

Talking about his alleged arrogance, Shah Rukh said that whenever he feels that way he takes a trip to US. They get the star out of his stardom.

A reporter once asked him if he always woke up this good looking. To this Shah Rukh Khan replied that is not the case. He has to go through plastic surgery every morning to look this way.[/tps_footer]