Shahid Kapoor’s Wife Mira Rajput BROKE A Law And Here’s What She Did After Police Came!


Mira Rajput got fined by the traffic police after parking her car in a ‘No Parking Zone.’

Mira Rajput is an outsider when it comes to the Bollywood industry and the lady enjoys this fact to the fullest. Unlike other Bollywood celebs, we often spot Mira hanging around in town, doing shopping, going out for lunch – alone or with hubby Shahid Kapoor and daughter Misha.

A few days back we had spotted the pretty lady coming out of a restaurant in the suburb. We had even reported how beautiful she was looking in a purplish-pink dress and flat sandals with black sunglasses to beat the heat. Having a high pony-tail she was also seen carrying a stylish white handbag.

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Well, on the same day Mira ran into a trouble when she parked her car in a ‘No Parking Zone.’ The police came and fined her for the same. What do you all expect from a celeb when it comes to situations like these? Tantrums and arguments right? But to your surprise, Mira did nothing as such. Like a responsible citizen, she paid the fine of Rs 2000 and apologised for her mistake.

A report of Times Of India quoted a police officer saying, “Usually in matters like these stars/star wives argue to let go off the fine, but Mira was very polite and didn’t hesitate to pay. The car driver has also been fined for jumping the signal in the past.”

Recently, her daughter Misha’s video went viral on the net when her hubby, Shahid Kapoor shared the cute little kid’s dance moves on his social media handle.  We could see in the video, how Misha was bouncing with the beats of the music, trying to match daddy’s steps.

Shahid and Mira are indeed an exceptionally cute couple as we have seen their bond on several occasions, whether it be Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan or their lunch date in town.

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