Shero Ka Zamana, Another Power-Packed Dialogue Promo Out From Raees


Shero Ka Zamana, Shah Rukh khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the chase in Raees

The previous dialogue promo released by the makers of Raees gave us a glimpse into the backstory and making of Shah Rukh Khan’s character, Raees. This new dialogue promo is aptly titled ‘Shero Ka Zamana’.

The film is a crime thriller about a Gujarat based gangster doing illegal activities or can even be called a bootlegger and a police officer, who will do anything to crack that case and collect evidence to arrest the gangster.

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This video also shows us Siddiqui as the tough police officer and a verbal war between the two. He is trying any tricks in the game to get Raees (SRK) to surrender. And Shah Rukh is seen giving back to him in style and making a point that it’s not that easy to get him to surrender.

The dialogue promo has barely 3 dialogues but they are spine chilling. In the video, Nawaz is seen introducing himself as ‘SP Crime’ which changes Raees’ expressions in a moment! Then we can see Nawaz saying ‘Aaj kal din ache chal rahe hai’! Upon which SRK delivers the most effective dialogue with his dimpled wicked smile, “Din aur raat logonke hote honge Majmudar saheb, Sheron Ka Zamana Hota Hai!!! What an answer!!

The two are going on to each other headstrong, but only with words. And the killer dialogues and body language just adds to the whole drama.

With only few days left, the makers sure know how to raise the anxiety of the audiences.

Watch Promo Here: