After Ship of Theseus And Talvar Watch Out For Sohum Shah In Simran


Sohum Shah who rose to fame with the critically acclaimed film Ship of Theseus is quietly leaving a mark in Bollywood.

Sohum Shah is very well known for his power packed performance in critically acclaimed films like Ship of Theseus and Talvar.

Sohum Shah has time and again treated the audiences with his hard hitting and realistic characters as he believes in opting for author backed roles instead of portraying larger than life characters on screen.

The actor is now all set to deliver yet another memorable performance in his upcoming film Simran alongside Kangana Ranaut.

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Sohum is one of the finest actors in Bollywood who easily imbibes his onscreen character and is known to be a  b performance driven actor.

The actor has not only impressed the critics but has charmed his female fan with his acting skills.

With Simran, Sohum is promising yet another remarkable performance as he will be seen playing Simra aka Kangana Ranaut love interest in the film.

Sohum Shah is a profound actor whose body of work involves roles which are close to reality, the actor is known for his phenomenal performances.

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