Shocking Details About Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut’s Blown Up Affair!

Kangana-&-HrithikHrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut’s tug of war is gaining all the limelight lately. Apart from all the legal notices, there is something which not everyone knows about. It is rumored that Hrithik and Kangana were allegedly close to each other and after Kangana earned laurels for her film ‘Queen’ in 2014, the actress also impressed a young actor.CLICK HERE FOR ALL BOX OFFICE UPDATES

Hrithik-Roshan-&-kangana-Ranaut The following popularity and success made the Bang Bang star insecure about her, a friend suggests. The source adds, “But Hrithik felt insecure. He confronted her and asked if she wanted to tell him something. She told him not to be insecure about their relationship, but that didn’t appease him.”Hrithik-Roshan-&-KanganaFurther their much secret relationship took a drastic turn at Karan Johar’s party, the friend recollects, “The final blow to their on-again, offagain relationship came in May 2014 at Karan Johar’s party. They hadn’t spoken for a couple of weeks. When they met at KJo’s party, Kangana put her hand on Hrithik’s arm. He reacted angrily and asked her how could she have set up a date with another actor for the following Wednesday.”Hrithik-kangana-Growing suspicious about the details, the Queen actress was all stressed out. The friend says, “Kangana didn’t know what had hit her. Had the two been gossiping behind her back? How else could Hrithik have known about the meeting, she kept asking as she took the elevator.”hrithik-Roshan-kangana-RanautThe friend then adds that Kangana Ranaut had shared her mail id with that particular young actor and says, “She realised that Hrithik could have hacked into her email account may have been impersonating him. Two days later, her fears came true when she met the young superstar again and he asked her out for coffee –he was clueless about the episode with Hrithik which meant that he was obviously not gossiping behind her back.”Hrithik-Kangana-Further Kangana called up Rakesh Roshan regarding the same says the friend and confesses, “She then pointed out to Rangoli (Kangana’s sister and manager) that some of her mails had disappeared. She always knew that Hrithik was very tech-savvy. Shaken up by that, she called up Rakesh Roshan and told him that if her suspicions were true, Hrithik could land into a lot of trouble for cybercrime. Papa Roshan was really shaken by the conversation and told her that he would speak to Hrithik about it. She deleted the account and decided to wash her hands of the affair.”Kangana-&-Hrithik-2With the on and off relationship of theirs, the source further adds that, “But Hrithik finally managed to get his way. He and Kangana were back together. This time she gave him the password to her new account so he could check on her mails officially, but that didn’t make things any better between them. Even though industry friends believed them to be in an intense relationship, referring to her as “bhabhi” in private, Hrithik preferred to project a Casanova image after his divorce came through. Kangana was also upset that while Hrithik wished everybody on Twitter before the big release, he never bucked her up for Tanu Weds Manu Returns and Katti Batti. Obviously, Hrithik had gone back to his secretive ways.”Hrithik-Roshan-&-Kangana-RanautPointing towards Hrithik’s insecure nature towards Kangana Ranaut, the friend shared a drastic detail saying, “Hrithik had also started keeping an eye on her. He had a man posted outside her apartment to report on Kangana’s movements, knew who she interacted with, which flight she was taking, where she was going etc. She knew that she was in a downward spiral. She was emotionally attached to Hrithik, having been in a two-year relationship. At the same time, she wanted to date a man who was unencumbered; somebody with whom she could go out and not be confined behind closed doors. She wanted to end it. But Hrithik was not ready to let her go. He made things ugly.”Kangana-&-Hrithik-3Talking about the messages they sent to each other, the friend clarified, “Sure they exchanged intimate texts like any normal couple does, but she never texted his co-stars. We never imagined that he would stoop so low to tarnish her reputation.”


Kangana-&-Hrithik-1The friend concluded by saying that, “She wants to move on, maybe she can find happiness with someone else. He thought he could intimidate her with his legal notice, get her to make a public apology. But apology for what? What did she do wrong.”Kangana-&-Hrithik-4Well, with sort of rumours and revelations on their tiff are doing rounds, we wonder if Kangana is trying to play safe from her side in order to save her career or can we say there is a kind of hidden purpose behind the whole drama? Time will tell better! With so many confidential details out, this Hrithik RoshanKangana Ranaut war is not going to end so soon.

Credits- MumbaiMirror