After Sholay, Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees To Release Orignal Sound Track! 


Original soundtracks were a rage earlier amongst films. During 80-90’s films were recognized with its music first as that raised immense recall values amongst masses!

Sholay, one of the iconic films of all times was the last few to release its background, the original soundtrack as it had become a character in itself!

The news is Shah Rukh Khan‘s Raees will be releasing its original soundtrack separately in the music album! The film’s teaser that had broken last year in 2016, just had a catchy theme music with SRK appearing in the frame for almost as a second! It was this time itself that the theme music of the film struck a major chord with the audiences and started tuning a huge recall value!

An elated Rahul Dholakia shared,” I was a kid when Sholay released, but I  do remember listening to gabbars theme and the iconic dialogues on the radio so when the idea came up about the OST; I was most excited. We have some killer themes and extremely punchy dialogues – imagine the combination of both! That would be really cool as no one has done it before, and we have the substance so why not ?”

The time refused to go out of viewers mind and this gave the makers a perfect reason to start releasing the OST of the film!

This decision was cemented when the trailer of the film release which had a complete commercial touch with a foot tapping background score that just created a refreshing energy when one experienced the trailer. The theme music of the film is almost a character in itself and that’s why the original sound track of the film has been related today!

SRK’s Raees has started interesting trends with the dialogues becoming a mass connect, each content unit has been extremely loved and so to speak Raees kites coming into the markets with the latest Makarsankrati track which was released.

Directed by national award winner Rahul Dholakia, the film which is being tagged as the most awaited film of this year hits screens on 25th Jan!