Singham Returns With Happy New Year


happy new year[tps_footer]This time we will have Happy New Year during Diwali. Yes, we definitely are talking about Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer and not the real New Year.

Now, you all are aware that Shah Rukh believes in proactively market his films and sometimes goes excruciatingly overboard. To keep up with the craze that it has already created we heard the actor has decided to release the first trailer of the film on August 15, 2104 and  here comes the interesting part. August 15 is when Singham Returns hits the theatre and Happy New Year’s trailer will be screened along with it.

Now, Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan never had a full-blown war against each other. But they weren’t friends either. There was a cold war brewing between them since the start which only got aggravated due to back to back hits of Shah Rukh and Kajol. But it seems the two of them have patched up.

Recently, Shah Rukh dropped by on the sets of Singham Returns and surprised Ajay Devgn. They even met and hugged each other. Few days back, Shah Rukh congratulated the team for Singham Returns on Twitter. And now we hear the Happy New Year trailer will be attached with Ajay’s cop drama.

We wonder does Rohit Shetty have something to do with it. Could be!

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