Snapped: Saif Ali Khan Missing From Family Photo With Ibrahim And Sara


ibrahim-khanSaif Ali Khan is one of those stars who have finally found love and content in his second marriage. We all know that Saif is married to our bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor and since their marriage there has have been no rumors of fights or misunderstandings. The couple is blessed to have a happy family life, at most occasions we see Kareena playing a happy and caring mother to the Ibrahim and Sara Ali Khan who are kids of Saif from his previous marriage with Amrita Singh.

We recently came across a photo posted by son Ibrahim Ali Khan where we see the mother, the son and the daughter together in one frame. It has been a very rare occasion that we see all the three to be present in one single picture and hence it was a delight to see a happy family reunion. However, the only person who seemed to be missing from the photo was our Nawab Khan, we wonder what work or prior commitments must have been holding back Saif from joining both his kids.

We love how the kids of Saif are turning out to be. It is rumored that her daughter is soon to make her debut in the film industry but the project, the film, the director all aspects are still under speculations. Ibrahim Khan has inherited the good looks; the charm and the attitude of a Nawab from his dad and his Dubsmaash seem to be working out way to well. He has already won a lot of hearts with his smile, charm and attitude which he displays through his social networking site, we like how he is trying his hands on acting already.

We love the picture of the family together but it would have been so much more wonderful if Saif too could have been a part of this frame. Daddy dearest was missed.

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