Social Media Influencer Ashwitha Talks About “Ashsquadd” And Dealing With Online Trolls


Ashwitha is one of the most followed and popular influencer on Instagram. The 22-year-old hails from Mumbai and started posting about her shoots, cars, humor, lifestyle and brand collaborations from 2018 in June. Since then, in a year, she gained over 5.5 lakh followers. On her Instagram page, she shares and discusses a lot of different topics, posts along with her collaboration with some top brands.

Her followers are called “ashsquadd” who often participate in her “Ashasks” session where they interact with each other and discuss various topics and current trends. She also has her own YouTube channel. With her social media page, Ashwitha wants to make a change and share amazing content about fashion design, pet care, cars, tech and other topics. About being a social media influencer, she shared her thoughts and said, “It’s a great job that empowers ordinary people like me to tell their story and earn a great living doing what they love. Instagram has disrupted the whole modelling industry by taking the power away from shady casting agents and giving it to hardworking personalities.”

However, with a lot of followers, also comes a lot of trolls and negativity. In a statement, Ashwita shares how she handles trolls online. She shared, “I try to block them out as much as I can. I have filters on my social media that automatically deletes and blocks out a lot of negativity. I want my feed to be a break from reality and a happy place for my audience”

Ashwitha enjoys a great following who address themselves as “ashsquadd”. About “ashsquadd”, she said, “I have one of the best online communities on Instagram, we have common interests like memes, cars and pop culture. Ashsquadd is a platform where I interact with people with similar interests to create a small community within ourselves.”