‘Sofia Chaudry’s Story Of How A Closet, A Five Year Old And Vinyl Records Introduced Her To Music’

Sofia Chaudry

An accidental discovery of a closet full of vinyl records of her father to making music this budding artist opens up about her journey which has a long way to go. While the world was fast tracking in the 90’s with internet, Walkman’s, cassettes and floppy disks this young lady happen to stumble upon her father’s collection of Vinyl records, just like any other kid of the millennial generation thought of them as the bigger version the floppy discs. But, she has figured them out and started to listen to them one by one and was aw struck with the song “Mama Mia” by Abba. She just couldn’t get it off her mind and this was the first time she ever tried to sing in English. And all of this happened while she was just five years old. This was her discovery or rather the day she fell in love with music. Soon enough this five year old grew up loving, living and making music which made all of us fall in love with music all over. Sofia chaudry is that five year old who grew up still being in love with music and made two songs “Thinking about you” and Breathe. These songs have been viewed by more than 3 million people and still counting. She is excited about her future releases which are still a work in progress.

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