Sohail Khan Reveals Why He Abused Reporter

SohailKhan-Reveals[tps_footer]As earlier we reported, Salman Khan‘s brother Sohail Khan abused a reporter after he was asked about the rumours on Salman‘s marriage with Iulia Vantur. Media was shocked with Sohail‘s reaction over the same, as he lashed out at media using abusive language. The actor went top of his voice and abused media, which left many of them embarrassed.


Well, the actor has now reacted over the same and has explained that what actually went wrong while he was asked question about Salman Khan‘s marriage.  He said, “Yes, I did lose my temper. I got sensitive. But let me tell you that the media was being very, very aggressive with their question,” and added, “Okay, let me tell you exactly what happened.”

“We were coming out of Otters Club, when suddenly a group of reporters blocked my father’s way as he tried getting into his car. Before he could realise what was happening, he had strong lights on his face, mics near him and questions flying around him. And he lost his balance. Tell me, should I react or let the situation aggravate for him? Mind you, he is 80 years old.”

Sohail continued saying, “I demanded to know what was happening. I told them that they should at least wait till he settles down in the car- but to no avail. They were hell bent on knowing from my father and I, at that very instant, what they had asked. Were they out to file a report on a national crisis?” 

“Why can’t questions be asked at the right place in a right manner? Why ask at gunpoint? Are we running away? My Dad was feeling so tired, and in fact, he even started answering— but something entirely in a different context. It was evident that he hadn’t even understood their question clearly.”


Elaborating on his point further, Sohail said, “I even asked one of the reporters out there: Do you have old parents? Do you look after them? He nodded in the affirmative. My next question to him was: If you take them out and they lose their balance in a similar situation, will you stand up for them? He again nodded in the affirmative.”

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