Sonam Kapoor Dodged The Question About Her ‘Mystery Man’


Sonam-KApoor[tps_footer]Sonam Kapoor has launched her own app where you can get the latest pics and videos of our Massakkali. It’s for the first time that a Bollywood actress is launching her own app usually stars come up with their own production houses, websites, invest in luxurious projects and so much more. But, Sonam has proved her different thinking once again. After launching Sonam Kapoor App,’ Sonam shared some of the features of this app with media. She said with the help of this app one can go through live streaming, exclusive content, fan chats, competitions, app merchandise, messaging and everything related to Sonam that’s happening or will happen on social media will also be a part of it. We guess this app is the biggest gift for her die hard fans who would want all the updates related to Sonam Kapoor 24×7.


Post Neerja, Sonam Kapoor has not signed any movie so there was nothing to talk about her work or upcoming projects. So, we were more curious to know what’s happening in Sonam Kapoor’s personal life. And, we know that Sonam usually comes out with bold and hard hitting confessions and she did it once again. She said she is open about her personal life but she won’t be discussing everything publicly. And, how is it possible that Sonam won’t take a dig at anybody ? Well, she didn’t name anyone but her recent reaction and her statements were for all the stars who make their personal life public and then cry for privacy. She doesn’t want to be one of them and when she was asked about dating someone special, Sonam refused to name that person and instead of that one name we got a long statement from Sonam Kapoor, but it makes a lot of sense. Check it out,

“I am always open about my life. I am very honest, and try to be myself. I do not find the audience or the media as enemies. I never treat them as such that I won’t say this or that and then ask my PR to send a story. I’ve never done that. There are certain things about my life which I keep personal, whether it’s my relationships, I never talk about that. I won’t even tell my parents till I decide it’s serious, not because of anything but I feel there are other things in life which can be talked about…


There are a lot of other things which make you a whole person besides who you’re dating. My personal life is out there because I’ve always been myself but if you’re talking about personal life as in boyfriend, then I’ll never talk about it. Because right now it is not relevant to who I am as a person to everybody around there. If I feel comfortable at any point talking about it then I will but now I feel it is not necessary to talk about personal life.”

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