Sonu Nigam Makes Instagram Debut For His Fans

sonu nigam

Sonu Nigam, arguably India’s most popular singer across the globe, made his Instagram debut at the behest of his plethora of well wishers and admirers.

Sonu loves being connected to his fans, who he fondly calls his extended family and instagram is the perfect new year gift for all of them across the world, says a source, “Sonu has been getting requests and messages for the longest time to come on Instagram as they want to know more about his life beyond the phenomenal singer that he is.”

Elaborating on the kind of pictures and stories Nigam plans to posts, the source further adds, “The basic goal is to interact with his extended family and have them see his life up close. Being one of India’s best live performers, his admirers can expect to take a sneak peek into his life.”
After making his debut on the social networking site, Sonu Nigam posted a pic of himself and Mohd Rafi. The late singer has had a great impact on Sonu’s life. Sonu refers to Rafi saheb as his “Musical Father” and not given him a great tribute but also seeked his blessing for the Instagram debut.
Commenting on his much awaited Instagram debut, Sonu says, “Instagram is a new and an exciting platform for me as described by my extended family and well wishers. I have been getting requests and messages from all over the world to come on Instagram and i think it’s long overdue. I hope and wish i can post regularly and people get a closer view of my life. Am going to try my best to keep up with the pace, although am not the kind of person who shares his life and personal moments on social media. This is my way of doing something for them that I haven’t done before. Am looking forward to this new adventure.” He smiles

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