Spider-Man And Kaal From Krrish 3 Spotted In Delhi


Vivek Oberoi Main cover Vivek Oberoi-7 Vivek Oberoi-4 Vivek Oberoi-6 Vivek Oberoi-3 Vivek Oberoi-5 Vivek Oberoi-2 Vivek Oberoi-1[tps_footer]The capital city of India, Delhi has the privilege of hosting both Spider-Man as well as Kaal from Krissh 3 I mean Vivek Oberoi.

The superhero Spider-Man‘s original Marvel Costume has been especially flown in all the way from Hollywood, USA to promote The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Vivek Oberoi who is none other than the Hindi voice of Max Dillon, Super Villain Electro in this year’s biggest Hollywood blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that is set for a May 01, 2014 release and will be seen in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. In the original English version, Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx plays Electro.

In fact, Vivek Oberoi’s performance in Krrish 3 as Kaal prompted Sony Pictures to approach him to fill in the Hindi shoes for Spider-Man’s enemy Electro – the super villain with the power to control electricity.

“The call from Sony Pictures was like a bolt from the blue. Someone saw my performance as Kaal and thought that I could do the voiceover for Jamie Foxx. It’s a natural extension,” stated a very elated and excited Vivek.

But then dubbing for Electro was not something that happened easy to Vivek. He really worked hard to give the character an edge. Though the dubbing took only two days, it was an uphill task.

“It was two days’ work but tougher than I had imagined. I had to hear the voices in English, read the Hindi script and then speak the lines, making sure my lips were in sync with the original English words. It was not like anything I’d done before,” said Vivek Oberoi.

However, Vivek Oberoi is no stranger to being a voice over artiest. He had dubbed for films such as Independence Day and television shows including Small Wonder during his college days.

Vivek even dubbed his own role for Prince into both Telugu and Tamil; as well as his role for Rakta Charitra into Tamil.

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