5 Funniest Things Said By Vir Das On Netflix

Vir Das

Abroad Understanding, the 1st ever Netflix original from India by none other than Vir Das is trending on Netflix since the time show was launched on 25th April 2017. Vir Das one of the pioneers of Indian stand up comedy scene with his brand new show took the internet by storm when Abroad Understanding was aired. He is receiving praises through all mediums from almost every corner of globe. The show is hilarious provoking and heart warming. By some people its slick, gripping and impeccable stand-up comedy. The show has some funny lines mouthed by Vir and that’s gone viral. Below are the 5 jokes listed for you that is definitely going to tickle your bone.

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  1. My accent will grow on you, just give it time. Just give it four or five generations, and we’ll be fine.
  2. There is No middle ground in India anymore. You are either left wing or right wing.
  3. It’s like you think India is a bird, India is not a bird. Birds are free.
  4. Once you go brown, the other colours will let you down”
  5. My entire world was cornflakes, then I landed in New York and someone gave me cinnamon toast crunch.
  6. If these jokes left you wanting for more then all you have to go on Netflix and see Vir Das performing live leaving you to come back again and again

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