Sunil Grover And Chandan Prabhakar Get Involved In A Funny Banter On Twitter

sunil grover chandan prabhakar

Sunil Grover tried to pull Chandan Prabhakar’s leg after the latter posted his picture in which he is standing in front of a building.

The original star cast of The Kapil Sharma Show has although got separated, they still maintain the same kind of relationship with each other. There’s is still that love and friendliness which defines every cordial relationship. And we recently got a proof of that when Sunil Grover tried to pull Chandan Prabhakar’s leg on social media. Both of them got involved in a funny banter on Twitter.

Prabhakar is currently travelling in a foreign land. He had posted his picture on Twitter in which he was standing in front of a building. He captioned the picture as, “Sometimes posture of ur body defines u…love.”

Seems like Grover was in a funny mood and hence he decided to pull Chandan’s leg. He replied on the picture asking, “In this picture what r u trying to define, the posture of your body or beauty of the building behind you?”

Chandan very quickly replied to Grover’s question. He took it in a fun spirit and wrote, “Hahaha…paji my posture is bcoz of the beauty of the building.”

Both Sunil Grover and Chandan Prabhakar had left The Kapil Sharma Show after the infamous mid-air brawl between Grover and Kapil. But now Chandan has decided to come back on the show and he is shooting for it. He is again seen as his old character of Chandu Chaiwala. On the other hand, Sunil is still standing firm on his decision of not returning to the show ever!

Talking about The Kapil Sharma Show, the comedy king must have got a sigh of relief when the channel decided to renew their contract. Earlier, there were many speculations of the show going to be sacked because of the falling TRPs.

Rachna Gupta

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