Sunil Grover Flies To Prague With Sugandha Mishra For His LIVE Show


Sunil Grover, Sugandha Mishra and Anu Malik are currently in Prague to entertain the audience with their LIVE gig.

After performing gigs in cities like Delhi, Vadodara, Ahmedabad and even Dubai, Sunil Grover has flown to the beautiful city of Prague for his next show. He is being accompanied by the singer-comedian Sugandha Mishra and also Anu Malik.

Sharing some pictures from her trip on Instagram, Sugandha writes, “With #Sunil, bro @shivammishra15 #Anumalik sir.”

A few days ago, Sunil had fallen into a legal trouble when a local event organizer of Ahmedabad had claimed that the comedian had promised to hold an event on a particular date but had later turned down the contract for doing a similar show at a different location, reportedly for more money.

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But Sunil had rubbished all such claims. In an interview with, he had said, “I am not at fault. If someone wants attention by doing such a thing… I don’t know who this guy is. My management, my team booked the show in Ahmedabad and I am quite excited to go there and perform. Everything is clear from our end with him. He wanted to change the date and my manager returned the money because we didn’t have the date. On the same date, some other organizer came and we signed with him. So, this was very ethical. We returned the advance that he had given us so, after that he wants attention”

He added on saying, “No one is bothering to find out who this person is and what is his track record. It’s very childish what this guy is doing to gain attention. I don’t even want to comment on it. I recently got to know that it’s good we are not doing the show with him because he is not a credible organizer. If you find about him, you will know.”