Support And Praise From Reeta Bahuguna For Code Blue Is Most Rewarding Says Dr. Aleena Khan

code blue

Dr. Aleena Khan, who has turned writer and director for her forthcoming movie Code Blue, expressed that support and praise from Cabinet Minister Reeta Bahuguna Joshi is the most rewarding.

Taking the Cause of Women Empowerment and Girls Education and social malpractice of Triple Talaq – Dr. Aleena Khan along with Cabinet Minister Of Women Empowerment and Family Welfare Reeta Bahuguna Joshi launched the first look poster of the film here in Mumbai.

Talking about praise and support from Reeta Bahuguna Joshi, Aleena quipped, “Reeta Ji stepped up and supported my campaign, I am the happiest person. She told me that my campaign about Triple Talaaq is above any political party, so hearing this from her makes me feel like my all efforts to make this code blue got best reward”

Talking about the film, Dr. Aleen Khan expressed, “Code Blue, is a life-saving emergency code and in this movie it is related to this girl, whose story is inspired by real-life incident, this girl is pushed to dead ends by society malpractices and how she comes back and fight those evils, that is what Code Blue is all about, the battle of a girl from a dead end”

“This is a fight of Womanhood; it is not political, religion or caste-based fight. It is about survival and living a dignified life. It is about equality and getting the reorganization for the hard work of women across India and entire world”

Dr. Aleena Khan also explained the symbolic reason for such a medical oriented title of the film. She said, “Code Blue is a medical emergency, when a patient is taking his last breaths, this kind of code is being called, so in this story this girl is pushed to dead end, she is taking her last breaths, not physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually”

“She is not sick, but social malpractice’s in society has pushed her into a place, where she is physically alive but on the mental level, she is dead. And how she fights back and come back to life, so the Code Blue is her journey”

Dr. Aleena Khan also wishes to part with a message with her movie that education is the only wealth that cannot be replaced by alimony.

She said, “If you’re educated than you can take this fight forward and you could be the face to raise your voice against injustice in society. No amount of alimony can be sufficient to live a life, one day that alimony money is going to get over but education is such a wealth, which will never get over”

In association with Rahat Kazmi Films, the film is directed and written by Aleena Khan. The film stars Alok Nath, Rishi Bhutani, Sushmita Mukerji and Aleena Khan in lead roles.

The songs are crooned by Sonu Nigam, Tochi Raina, Jubin Nautiyal, Altamash Faridi and more. The songs are written by Arafat Mehmood.

The movie releases on International Women’s Day.

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