Why Did Susanne Ask For 400 Crore Alimony From Hrithik Roshan?


 Hritik-Suzane-03 [tps_footer]Hrithik Roshan had a really bad last year. Apart from various injuries, he also suffered the jolt of separation when his wife Susanne Roshan walked out of the relationship. Both of them tried to prove that the separation was on mutual terms and is for their own good. But it seems it wasn’t as amicable as was made out to be. Reportedly, Susanne has asked for 400 crore as alimony!

The matter of alimony isn’t a surprising one. That’s part of the whole divorce process and given the laws of this land, the wife has the right to alimony for maintenance. But a hefty Rs 400 crore is nothing less than a shocker!

We wonder why she asked for such a hefty sum when she has a thriving business to aide her. She has a plush interior decorating shop, The Charcoal in Andheri and a joint venture with Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri. she recently launched yet another store in Bandra which is frequented by the elites. According to latest report, Hrithik Roshan has agreed to pay 350 crore.

We don’t want to get into the debate of fair and unfair. We are just too stunned at the amount and is also a bit confused.[/tps_footer]