Sushant Singh Rajput Flies Down To Delhi To Watch MS Dhoni With Family!


Sushant Singh Rajput who is basking in the fabulous reviews for his forthcoming film M.S Dhoni is extremely excited for the kind of reviews the film is gathering.

The actor who has made a mark in the industry on his own has shown sheer performance in the film, and so it’s a proud moment for the actor’s family who are hearing such good things about Sushant’s performance and the film.

News is the actor wants to share this with his loved ones and family and so Sushant is flying down to Delhi, his home next week wherein the actor has scheduled a special screening for all his family members and friends. Sushant’s rigorous prep and hardwork has shown tremendous colors wherein critics cant stop talking about the phenomenal performance he has given as M.S Dhoni. And so he has told his family to hold on to the film till he comes home.

Sushant laughs and adds I have given an ultimatum to my family… no one should watch the film without me. I am really looking forward to seeing their reactions first hand. Entire family is coming together tomorrow on 4th October and we all would be watching the film together.

Sushant’s family is very eager to watch the film but now since Sushant is flying down to Delhi, they are eagerly waiting for him to join them and then watch it together. They surely can’t contain the eagerness to see the film and watch their son! It’s a sheer proud moment for his entire family!

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