Taimur Controversy: Saif Ali Khan Now Drags In Shah Rukh!


Having born to royal of Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan, their son Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi was trending on social media a few days after his birth. For the unknowns, the reason was the controversy surrounding his name.

Social media took objections stating that his name was that of a Muslim emperor who was brutal as known in history.

Saif Ali Khan has earlier responded to claims that said Taimur is similar to the Turkish conqueror Timur, and he yet again clarified the similarity in an interview with NDTV, where he said: “I’m aware that there’s a certain amount of Islamophobia in the world today and as Muslims, if we don’t somehow own it then who will? I can’t very well name my son Alexander and realistically can’t name him Ram. So why not a nice Muslim name and bring him up with secular values so that people meeting him say ‘what a nice guy’ and that’s the end of the name.”

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“I am aware that there is a Turkish ruler who is possibly a little violent. That was Timur and this is Taimur. It might sound similar because it has similar roots. Also, to judge the past by today’s lens is a little far out. A name doesn’t really mean anything. Asoka is a violent name then. There’s Alexander too.”

He concluded by saying, “One of Timur’s most able generals was his son, and his name was Shah Rukh.”

That’s an insight most of us didn’t have. What do you guys think?

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