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Every queen deserves her very own version of a crown and the latest collection from Tanishq is an ode to this very sentiment. The latest film is an ode to the modern Queen of Hearts

The woman of today may not be born into royalty, but through her charm, compassion and ability to touch the hearts of everyone around her, she earns the title of Queen of Hearts. With her grace, kindness and poise, she exudes confidence and personifies royalty.

Tanishq’s latest film brings to life the character of the modern-day Queen of Hearts, portrayed by brand ambassador Deepika Padukone. The warmth she shares with her colleague in the film is relatable and her ability to share the spotlight stands testament to the modern woman.

In the film, Deepika Padukone finds it hard to choose between two stunning necklaces from the collection. When questioned, Deepika’s manager tells her about the necklace she prefers and expects her to wear it for the event the next day. When Deepika wears the other necklace, her manager reinstates the one she prefers. This moment is when Deepika reveals that the necklace is a gift for her manager and was always intended to be. The film portrays the beautiful actress as a humble and gracious individual that she is, truly a modern-day Queen of Hearts.

The film ends with the two of them sharing the spotlight on a glorious night.

The Queen of Hearts collection by Tanishq is an embodiment of a woman who is gracious and emanates compassion like a royal. Her very presence is marked by elegance. The Queen of Hearts is a woman who takes delight in the happiness of others and enfolds them in her glory. Such a woman deserves her own crown and Tanishq presents this collection for that woman.

Speaking on the collection, Ms. Deepika Tewari, General Manager – Marketing, Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited says “Charming, graceful and generous, the Queen of Hearts lights up any room she enters. She may not be born into royalty, but she exudes compassion and touches the hearts of those around her. Tanishq’s latest stunning diamond collection has been inspired by this very woman. A modern rendition of royalty, the Queen of Hearts collection from the house of Tanishq is a class apart, is accessible and is truly a show-stopper.”



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