This Bollywood Actress Unfollows Everyone On Her Social Media Account


Bollywood is a strange world and the relationships and friendships there are weird. At one moment two people will be in awe of each other and within seconds they will be at loggerheads.

Well, one of the Bollywood actresses, who made her comeback in 2015 has recently unfollowed everyone on one of her social media accounts. The only people she is following is her husband and one of her fan groups. What shocks us that she is not even following one of the superstars with whom her jodi is considered the best.

The actress’s husband has a big film releasing soon that is clashing with one of her former best friends. Well, we don’t know what might be the reason for her to unfollow everyone. Also, it is her personal choice, we cannot say much about it.

Can you guess who this Bollywood actress is?