Thor Ragnarok Review: Here’s What Twitterati Has To Say

Thor Ragnarok

The recent release of Thor: Ragnarok has given Marvel and MCU fans a new life. Thor has always been a character that compliments everyone on and off the screen. His fan following has only increased since we first saw him in The Avengers in 2012. Since then Thor has gotten two separate movies, Thor and Thor: The Dark World with making appearances in other Marvel movies like Age of Ultron and Doctor Strange.

Son of Odin, God of Thunder, The Big Blonde Dude with the Hammer, Heir to the Throne of Asgard and self-proclaimed ‘The Strongest Avenger’— Thor. There are many more aliases of his but these capture his character the best.

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Thor: Ragnarok marks his third separate movie which has been one of the most anticipated movies of all times as it will act as a catalyst to the events that occur in Avengers: Infinity War.

To help you make you your mind we have gathered some of the honest reviews from the Twitterati. Here, take a look:

Not all the twitter reviews have been all good:

So, here you have it!

Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo and Cate Blanchett starrer Thor: Ragnarok has already created quite a buzz in the western markets and now it is to be seen how Indian audiences receive the movie.​