Tiger Shroff Admires Hrithik Roshan Again And Wants To Open A Dance School For Everyone


Hrithik-Tiger-Shroff[tps_footer]Tiger Shroff is not just known as the son of Jackie Shroff but a the new generation superstar who has floored everyone with his action skills as he is a trained martial artist, blessed with good looks, awesome dance skills and a dedication to achieving success no matter what he faces in his life. Isn’t it all enough to make him a superstar and a force to reckon with ? We know Tiger admires Hrithik Roshan a lot and calls him ‘sir,’ he wanted to arrange a special screening of Baaghi just for Hrithik but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. And, recently during an interview Tiger confessed that his thinking, philosophies of living life and working in the entertainment world matches with Hrithik and he constantly takes suggestions and tips for preparing himself. So sweet and humble !


Tiger even shared with the media that he is against reality shows where so many people compete and only a few get the limelight. He feels sorry for the underprivileged ones for not being able to get good opportunities in their lives. It’s sad to know that even after development, so many new channels, more opportunities we still come across so many people who are unemployed, so many artists who are still struggling to get work and a good opportunity. Whether you get success or not is a later thing, first a good opportunity is required to showcase your talents and skills. Success, money, fame follows if you get noticed but the opportunity is the most important thing and Tiger understands this very well. So, he has recently confessed that he wants to open a dance school which will be free of cost to let the underprivileged also explore their talent and make a mark in their lives.


That’s a noble thought Tiger ! We hope this happens in reality because even those people who can’t pay a heavy fees or donations at big acting, dance schools are not talented. It’s not a fact that people with money have talent, in fact, a lot of people don’t get a good opportunity because of their financial instability and miss out on life changing experiences. We hope every human on this planet gets their rights, good opportunity and a fantastic standard of living.

Cheers to Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities ![/tps_footer]