Tiger Shroff Nails It With His Response To Ram Gopal Varma


It is highly commendable how Tiger Shroff maintains his cool each time and gives just the correct response.

RGV recently took to Twitter and put up a series of tweets. He wrote, “As a martial arts fan am really curious about who’s better fighter btwn @iTIGERSHROFF and @VidyutJammwal ..I wish they will fight and prove. I personally think @iTIGERSHROFF is far better and he should challenge @VidyutJammwal for a real fight and prove to everyone that he’s best. I am super sure @VidyutJammwal will run away if @iTIGERSHROFF challenges him for a hand to hand kick to kick fight in real. My bet is on @iTIGERSHROFF and am sure he will prove he’s Bruce Lee ka baap by destroying @VidyutJammwal in an open challenge real fight.”

Post that in a call recording between Vidyut and RGV that was uploaded by Vidyut on his twitter handle RGV referred to Tiger as a woman.

One would expect a celebrity like Tiger Shroff to get upset by all this and give a strong reaction, but Tiger yet again garnered more love by giving such a gracious response.

Tiger Shroff said, ”Ramu Sir is very random sometimes. Vidyut Sir and I are martial artistes and the first rule of martial arts is that we don’t use it as an offensive. I wouldn’t want to use martial arts to fight anybody. Ramu Sir and Vidyut Sir are my seniors and I wouldn’t want to talk against them either”

He further added, ”Ramu Sir has the freedom of speech so he can say what he wants. I haven’t heard the recording so I wouldn’t want to comment on it”

Very well said Tiger !