Top 10: Bollywood’s Most Controversial Films

Bollywood’s-Most-Controversial-FilmsWe all are guilty of having complained that the movie we were watching was just a tad bit too much for our senses. While most ‘risky’ movie are censored and toned down to suit audience sensibilities, some movies are considered to be so controversial that they get embroiled in the never-ending cycle of protests and bans. Here is a list of some films in Bollywood that became too controversial and thus faced a lot of backlash –

Bandit-QueenBandit Queen – This movie has come to be synonymous with movies that were too controversial for India. Shekhar Kapur’s film ‘Bandit Queen’ was based on the like of Phoolan Devi. Apart from the fact that the movie was on a rather sensitive topic, Bare scenes by actress Seema Biswas, scenes depicting rape, torture and abusive language were the main reasons this movie was controversial and became a huge deal in the media and among the public.FireFire – This 1996 movie was shocking and was deemed to be against the morals of certain groups. So much so that protests by Members of Shiv Sainiks in Maharashtra and Bajrang Dal activists took place. The movie depicted the relationship between sisters-in-law and the central theme was lesbianism which was too bold a topic for its time. The casts too was at the receiving end of a lot of unnecessary criticism. 


HaiderHaider – This Bollywood flick starring Shahid Kapoor was based on a Shakespearean play and spoke about the Kashmir issue which was already a rather controversial central theme to begin with. However, people were offended by the way the Indian Army was portrayed in the film among many other reasons.  It also received negative reviews from some chunks of the audience who deemed the movie too dramatic and called for a boycott of this movie.ParzaniaParzania – This powerhouse of a film was one of the most controversial films in Bollywood that was at the centre of debates, arguments and protests world-wide. The movie that was based on one of the worst riots communal riots in India was even banned in Gujarat.Garam-HawaGarm Hawa – This 1973 movie starring Balraj Sahni in a lead role was banned for over 8 months for fear of instigating communal riots in an already volatile situation. The topic of the movie was very sensitive and followed the lives of a Muslim family during the agony of the Partition of India.Ram Teri Ganga Maili – This Bollywood movie with its iconic music and scenes, was also a rather controversial film. The movie starring Mandakini and Rajiv Kapoor had scenes which were considered inappropriate for the audience at that time. The actress had her ‘assets’ flashing in some of the scenes which was considered as highly inappropriate.Black-FridayBlack Friday – This movie is based on the Mumbai bomb-blasts of 1993. The verdict for that case was still doing the rounds of the court and it was said that the movie would influence the decision, which is why the movie was banned for 2 years.


AandhiAandhi – This 1975 political movie based on the life of Indira Gandhi was a movie that garnered too much unprecedented political attention. It was banned when Indira Gandhi was in power. However later, the BJP Government came into power and lifted the ban from the movie.  It was also aired on Doordarshan subsequently.The-Dirty-PictureThe Dirty Picture – This movie starring Vidya Balan was based on Silk Smitha’s life and was received greatly by the audience but it got into a lot of controversies. The posters of the movie were the first reason – they were considered to be overly sexual. The second reason was the objection by Silk Smitha’s brothers. They were upset about the way she was portrayed in the film and they even sent notices to the makers of the movie.NishabdNishabd – Starring the late Jiah Khan and Bollywood’s angry, young man, Amitabh Bachchan this film was embroiled in controversy throughout. The Bollywood adaptation of ‘Lolita’ was deemed to be highly immoral for audiences as well as was termed to be “against Indian values” according to Congress party members in Uttar Pradesh. There were major protests in Allahabad over the film and it caused a huge furore even in other parts of the country.[/tps_footer]