Top 10: Bollywood’s Most Controversial Films

Bollywood’s-Most-Controversial-FilmsWe all are guilty of having complained that the movie we were watching was just a tad bit too much for our senses. While most ‘risky’ movie are censored and toned down to suit audience sensibilities, some movies are considered to be so controversial that they get embroiled in the never-ending cycle of protests and bans. Here is a list of some films in Bollywood that became too controversial and thus faced a lot of backlash –

Bandit-QueenBandit Queen – This movie has come to be synonymous with movies that were too controversial for India. Shekhar Kapur’s film ‘Bandit Queen’ was based on the like of Phoolan Devi. Apart from the fact that the movie was on a rather sensitive topic, Bare scenes by actress Seema Biswas, scenes depicting rape, torture and abusive language were the main reasons this movie was controversial and became a huge deal in the media and among the public.

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