Top 10: Deleted Scenes From Bollywood Movies


Don’t we all get a little annoyed when we know that some of the memorable scenes from our favorite movies get deleted? We sure know how it feels. Let’s have a look at a list of such scenes from the following Bollywood movies.


1) Dhoom 2

Action and super stunts, Dhoom 2 was a huge hit and we all loved the action sequences in the film. Though the film was a memorable one there were a couple of scenes that were deleted during the editing of the movie.
One of such deleted scene was where Ali is seen dressed in a burqa while waiting with Abhishek Bachchan. The fun-loving Ali spots Aishwarya, who is a part of the game, and instead of focusing on work, gets deeply lost in her gorgeous smile. She spots him by his shoes and gives him a deadly look. He is then scolded by Abhishek and asked to focus on the motive. Hahahaha that’s super funny.kabhie-khushi-kabhie-gham

2) Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
Also fondly known as K3G this film is everyone’s favorite with a series of me workable scenes which are still fresh in our minds. One such scene was special montage scene, all three boys – Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and SRK’s on-screen son, are slapped by girls for various reasons. While Hrithik is slapped by Kareena for making fun of her dressing sense, Kajol slaps Shah Rukh for calling her a ‘fat buffalo’ and SRK’s on-screen son is slapped by a girl who he is flirting with just to taste her ice-cream. Funny right?guru-poster

3) Guru
If the credits were to be given for the success of the movie it was also to be given to R Madhvan and Vidya Balan for their spectacular performances.
A scene that was deleted was where Vidya Balan is seen sobbing due to the intense pain in the leg and asks her on-screen husband, R Madhavan, to do something to alleviate it. Madhavan comes to her and starts telling her about a girl he loves and that he knew her before she married Vidya . Vidya Balan gets so lost in this talk of the other woman that she forgets about her pain. Well we don’t see any reason for the scene to be

4)Band Baaja Baarat
Now who didn’t love the sizzling chemistry of Ranveer and Anushka in Band Baaja Baarat. Another such scene was with Anushka’s jealousy with her boss who got close to Ranveer. Their female boss asks Ranveer to accompany her for a site visit. She sprays a perfume on Ranveer expressing her fondness for fresh smelling car. While Ranveer was too happy to have accompany her, Anushka explained to him that it was not love but an insult as she doesn’t like his body odour. Aww how cute is this!Yeh-Jawaani-Hai-Deewani
5) Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani
This movie gave us wedding, friendship goals for sure. Ranbir and Deepika were surely the highlight of the movie especially their romance. In one such scene during the wedding,Ranbir Kapoor is seen sneaking out of the hotel ahead of the haldi ceremony to watch Udaipur. But he stumbles upon a plate of haldi and gets dirty. Deepika Padukone catches him on the way and convinces him to cancel his sight-seeing plans to enjoy the wedding. She gets him dressed for the event and they pose in front of the mirror. This scene also went on to become the film’s main poster but never made it to the film.ddlj-poster

6) Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jaaenge

One of the most romantic evergreen and blockbuster movie had a wonderful introduction to Kajol which was very different than planned. In an introductory scene, Kajol is seen taking steam with her head covered by a dupatta. Farida Jalal, who plays the role of her mother in the film, enters the frame and tells her that there is no need for her to lighten her complexion as ultimately she has to go back to India and her wheatish complexion is what Indians prefer for marriage. She then shares how she does not use any beauty products and just pinches her cheeks to turn them red. This scene was maybe cut by the fair and lovely people. LOLDhoom3-poster

7)Dhoom 3
Aamir Khan yet again took his fans by a surprise with a action packed performance in Dhoom 3.
Aamir Khan stunned his fans with his gravity-defying bike stunts in the hit film, Dhoom 3. However, there was more to the actor’s sporty side in the film. A scene was deleted during the film’s editing where Aamir Khan is speeding on his bike through the streets when suddenly the traffic light goes red. Instead of stopping at the signal, he starts rotating his bike, creating a scene and making a lot of noise. As soon as the light goes green, Aamir zooms it away by riding on a car.
Well this would have been worth a watch.dostana-poster

We were surprised to know that despite being such a comedy film this through had to go through a lot of cuts. Abhishek Bachchan finds John Abraham making love to a girl in their house. However, surprised by Priyanka Chopra’s sudden arrival, Abhishek runs towards John Abraham to avoid making her aware of their straight status. Since the two had called themselves gay, Abhishek pushes the girl aside and takes her position. And then the game of hide and seek begins. Abhishek tries to steal Priyanka’s attention so that John Abraham can make the other girl leave the house without her knowledge.cocktail-poster

The film was again a hit ofcourse the actors to be given the credit for the same.
Homi Adajania did have a few good scenes which he did not incorporate into the film. One was when Saif Ali Khan shares his life plan with his uncle, Boman Irani, and tells him about his ploy to constantly hook up and break up with girls to get away from the idea of marriage. Another scene was when Diana Penty and Saif Ali Khan bond on the sea-side when Diana pushes Saif into the water. The scene when Randeep Hooda and Diana Penty meet for dinner, where he addresses her in front of the waiter as his wife, was also deleted during the final editing of the film.Kalhonaho

10) Kal ho Naa ho
This movie again was a hit and will always be evergreen. There was a very funny scene thatbwas chopped off during the editing.When Preity Zinta arrives at the community centre for her daily task of reading the newspaper to old people, she finds that people of Pakistan and Indian origin are seated separately. On enquiring, Zohra Sehgal tells her that there is tension at the Indo-Pak border and therefore they are seated separately. Preity Zinta ends their separation and reads Hindi news for them. This scene is definitely a must-watch.